X-BIONIC® Running FENNEC™ EVO Pants Men

Perfect for running when it is really hot
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Materials: 83% Polyester, 10% Polyamide, 5% Elastane, 2% Polypropylene

The ground-breaking material innovation XITANIT® 2.0 gives the Running Fennec® EVO Pants unprecedented performance characteristics. First, the X-BIONIC® developers have succeeded at creating a thinner xitanit™ filament many times over. That makes it possible to ply five times as many threads in the material than possible until now. The result: More effective reflective abilities. In addition, the equally stronger capillary action of the new XITANIT® 2.0 significantly accelerates sweat transport and shortens drying time. With that, the important cooling effect on an athlete’s skin is also increased. Thanks to XITANIT® 2.0, the total weight of the Running Fennec® EVO Pants has been reduced by more than a quarter. Making victory easier is hardly possible.


  • Fennec, the desert fox, lives and hunts in extreme heat. Invariably, it has adapted perfectly to these hostile conditions. Its glossy, silvery fur, for example, reflects the heat radiated by the sun and by its surroundings. Its large ears also dissipate a great deal of heat. This is the inspiration behind our desert fox technology. The basis of the X-BIONIC® desert fox technology is the unique material XITANIT®, which reflects radiated heat and widely distributes sweat across the skin, to provide effective cooling. At the same time, the conductivity of the bacteriostatic yarn draws excess heat from the body and dissipates it in the outside air
  • In terms of muscle performance, the inner thigh is less reactive to cold. We all instinctively know this: When our hands are cold, we put them between our thighs to warm them up, helping us re-establish our overall sense of warmth more quickly. The Innerlap AirConditioningZone™ has been placed in this area. It is a finely knit fabric mesh with zero insulation. Cooling therefore occurs initially through the exchange of air. As soon as sweat has started to evaporate, the cooling process steps it up a notch since the activation system lies directly next to the skin


X-BIONIC® - Men's Shorts


 Height (cm) 166-168 168-174 174-181 181-185 185-192
 Waist (cm) 74-77 78-85 86-94 95-104 105-115
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