1. You live in Germany or another EU country

You pay for the shipment cost for the return. Please inform us up front via email, phone, fax or online form about your return. Detailed information on the subject of a withdrawel and the effects of your withdrawal you will find in the section Withdrawal. There you will also find our online withdrawal form.

Please send your return to:

Altlach 56
83676 Jachenau

Phone: +49 (0)8858 7723010
Fax: +49 (0)8858 7723010

For freight forward returns the courier service will charge us. Any such charges will be invoiced to you.

2. You live in a non-EU country

The same as above applies. We do not refund the shipment cost for returns. Please send your return postage paid. Should we have shipped you a wrong or faulty product, we will of course cover the cost.

3. Exchange of products

The exchange of products, e.g. from one size to another, is not possible. Should you wish to exchange, please simply place a new order while we deal with your return. That way you also get the new shipment asap.