We introduce ourselves

In 2003 I organised the first edition of the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, the world's toughest and coldest ultra. At the same time I had started to get to know the world of Adventure Racing - participating in smaller races, managing Germany's top AR team and running the German version of SleepMonsters.com. I also was fortunate enough to be race director for the Jungle Marathon's first two races in Pará, Brazil.

One of the main questions during all my adventures always has been what kit is best for the upcoming challenge? I quickly found out that I am not the only one keen on having the right products. Especially for the long races and challenging environments being equipped well makes a big difference. That's why in 2005 I decided to start Racelite. Our focus since then has been finding the most innovative, functional clothing and gear available. And we also like to go as light as possible - whenever it makes sense.   

However, I am not doing Racelite just by myself. Our shop would be impossible without my wife. I got to know Auriane in 2004 while working for the Jungle Marathon. From the humid and hot Amazon region straight to a winter in the Alps. What a change! A couple more visits followed and soon after we got married. Since then Auriane supports my crazy ideas. When it comes to Racelite she deals with shipments, returns and accounting. Apart from that she runs our household and make sure I stay organised. Not sure how she does all that ...

From December 2007 to July 2015 we actually had a sports store in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 80 m² to start with and after three years we moved to 250 m². It was great to have the direct customer contact and to see the growth. But we also had to realise that it got more and more difficult to do a good service job selling online and in a store. That is why in 2015 we decided to go back to our roots and go back to selling online only.  

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and please contact us any time you have a question.


Kind regards,

Robert Pollhammer (CEO)